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To be fair the sister had other serious/terminal medical problems and battled depression for a long time; however, I think my mother gave her a push in that direction.

In part because I think my mother thought she would inherit my sister's assets.

There was never a normal, loving relationship -- and I am 52.

I have two other siblings who basically don't call her very often and since I am the oldest, I get the brunt of her calls. Three years ago, for almost 12 months my beloved younger sister was my mother's caregiver.

I have tried to do nothing but please this woman all my life and the more you give, the more she wants. I am no longer going to feel guilty if I don't answer the phone when she calls-I need to take care of myself! Two years ago today my sister looked at her future of being stuck with mother and decided to end her own life.

Mother came to visit me for a couple of days and when the sister was not answering the phone we both went back to her house.

I think she left the house after my sister had taken an overdose.

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